• automate

    Automate a thankless job

    Automate the tedious task of calculating Compensations. Reduce errors, eliminate overpayments and resolve disputes quickly. Cut down the repetitive questions and doubts, and focus on more productive tasks.

  • monitor

    Monitor and forecast compensation cost of sales

    Incentivise your sales team to get more customers to prepay annually, Monitor the company’s sales compensation budget by measuring the performance Vs revenue achieved. Keep a close track on the return of investment.

  • monitor

    Build trust with sales

    Its hard to build trust sales and finance. With, you can provide reps with real-time transparency and build trust through consistently accurate and automated commissions.

  • support

    Support any commission plan

    Business is complex, and it is dynamic. Comp plans need to evolve to stay aligned to business objectives. Visdum empowers teams to make changes on the fly with a flexible, no-code solution.

  • performance

    Ensure that you pay for performance

    Don’t throw ‘good money at bad money’ by paying more for underperformance. Monitor payout spread, identify inefficiencies, optimize comp plans. Use tiered commissions to differentiate, reward, and inspire achievers to hit quota month after month.

  • scale

    Stay agile to manage scale

    Change your compensation structure, quotas and targets quickly can help you weather an uncertain environment.

  • compensation

    Make timely and accurate compensation payment

    Sales reps waste 1-3 days a month doing shadow accounting. Give them real time visibility on how their compensation is being calculated and saving invaluable selling time.

  • retain

    Hire & Retain best sales talent

    Top reasons high-performing sales reps leave are insufficient compensation (89%) and unreasonable quotas ( 61%). Give clarity on quota and plan metrics, eliminate risk of wrong data or error in calculations that leave the sales reps demotivated.

  • contests

    Drive sales momentum through SPIFFs & Contests

    Re-energise your sales floor through spiffs & contests. Add fun and excitement in these tough times. Harness their competitive spirit and motivate them to go the extra mile in achieving their goals.

  • crystal

    Get crystal clarity on quotas & comp plans

    View and esign plan document, understand it via the explainer video, clear doubts with FAQs. Run 'what-if' scenarios to view earning potential of your pipeline.

  • real-time

    Feel the thrill of commissions going up in real-time

    Get instant alerts on how much you have earned on a deal. View current or past payouts and a deal-by-deal summary in one window. View historical payout statements at the click of a button.

  • earning

    Estimate your earning potential

    Know exactly how much more you can make by closing that additional deal now! Avoid unpleasant surprises and get exactly how much you expected to make.

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The product is elegant and clean, easy to navigate and transparent. The support from the Visdum team is commendable. They have customized the product based on our needs within a short period.

Jophin G

FP & Manager, Hubilo


One of the best tools for making Sales Operations work easier. It enables us to determine the real-time value of each opportunity. Very user-friendly and stable platform.

Kasim S.

Manager- Sales CRM WebEngage


We have frequent changes in our commission policies but the system is flexible enough to edit the policies and add any additional SPIFFs, Kickers on run time. It makes my job easy.

Prabhat S

Manager FinanceFarEye


Prior to using Visdum we used excel sheets to calculate incentives for the respective team. Visdum has helped us solve incentive tracking for the teams with transparency to each team member

Ankit S,

Manager, Sales Operations, Haptik

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